PVC Strip Curtains

The best option for businesses to effectively prevent the entry of dust and insects is PVC strip curtains. They are effective at preventing heat or cold leakage from temperature-controlled spaces too. They're made of a PVC material that has been specially developed, and they're also simple to install.

PVC strip curtains are frequently used to divide up spaces. The most effective way to boost productivity and comfort in your office is with PVC door curtains or plastic strip curtains. Aspire Blinds Doha's PVC strip curtains aid in reducing dust, insect, and germ contamination. They also help to maintain the room’s temperature and are durable and simple to install.

The Advantages of PVC Strip Curtains

  • Economical Strip curtains are significantly less expensive than industrial doors and are the most affordable type of industrial barrier.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Control temperatures.
  • Isolate noise.
  • Reduce the movement of contaminants.
  • Reduce pests
  • Employees can easily pass through.
  • Transparent.

Kinds of PVC strip curtains.

  1. PVC strip curtain-standard
    • Color: blue, natural, grey, black, milk white
    • Temperature range: -15°C to +50°C
    • 75-80 shao A softness
    • Density: 1.22-1.3 gr/cm³

  2. Polar/freezer PVC strip curtain
    • Color: light blue, light green, natural
    • Temperature Range: -40 to +50 ?
    • Hardness: 65-70 A
    • Density: 1.12-1.2

Why choose us for PVC Strip Curtains?

With our extensive industry experience, we can successfully meet the growing demand for PVC Strip Curtains. For any door, our selection of Stip curtains that are made to order in a variety of styles and additional finishes provides the perfect, personalised solution.

If you're looking for a wide selection of colours and fabrics, Aspire Blinds offers you the best curtains. We have a variety of lovely projects that experts and professionals have created for our clients. Not only are they affordable and simple to install, but they also improve comfort and productivity.

FAQ About PVC Strip Curtains

A PVC curtain is a type of curtain made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is typically made of a series of individual strips of PVC that are hung from a track. PVC curtains are often used in industrial settings to control airflow and prevent the spread of contaminants. They can also be used in homes and businesses to keep out insects and dust.

Here are some of the most common uses for PVC curtains:

  • Airflow control: PVC curtains can be used to control airflow in industrial settings. They can help to keep cool air in and warm air out, which can save businesses money on their energy bills.

  • Contaminant control: PVC curtains can help to prevent the spread of contaminants in industrial settings. They can be used to keep dust, dirt, and other particles from entering a facility. This can help to protect workers' health and safety, and it can also help to prevent the spread of diseases

  • Insect control: PVC curtains can be used to keep insects out of homes and businesses. They can be hung in doorways and windows to prevent insects from entering. This can help to protect people from insect bites and stings, and it can also help to prevent the spread of diseases.

  • Dust control: PVC curtains can be used to control dust in homes and businesses. They can be hung in doorways and windows to prevent dust from entering. This can help to improve air quality and make the environment more comfortable.

PVC curtains are generally considered to be safe. They are made from a non-toxic material that is not known to cause any health problems. However, it is important to note that PVC curtains can release harmful fumes if they are burned. It is also important to keep PVC curtains clean to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

The thickness of PVC curtains can vary depending on the application. In general, PVC curtains are between 1 and 5 millimeters thick. Thicker curtains are more durable and can withstand more wear and tear. However, they are also heavier and more expensive. Thinner curtains are lighter and less expensive, but they are not as durable.

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