Curtain Track / Rail System

Curtain tracks are getting so much more trendy. The user's power and comfort are the true origin of its trend. The curtains are entirely motorised and can be controlled remotely, as the name suggests.

It is fairly high in luxury residences, offices, and hotels. Our curtains in Doha are available in a variety of colours and styles, and they have all the benefits that regular curtains have, plus the added benefit of remote control. Curtains are installed in accordance with the interior's design and aesthetics. It creates the most elegant interior designs.

  • Motorised Track
  • C-Channel
  • Heavy Duty Track
  • Hospital Track
  • Flexible
  • Grabber Rail

Curtain Tracks

Why choose us for curtain tracks?

In all of Qatar, our track and rail curtains are on trend. The installation and repair of all their services makes track curtains a household name in Qatar.
The traditional methods of operating the curtains cannot be found. Our curtains serve as a sign of luxury and comfort at an affordable price.

Ceiling Curtain Track/Rails

The ceiling curtain track is ideal for hiding the unsightly curtain rod and giving your room a tidy appearance. There is no need to struggle with heavy rods or drill holes in the wall because it is difficult to set up. All you need to do is hang the curtains from the track. You won't need to invest a lot of time or money to instantly transform your space. With meticulous finishing, a creative touch, guaranteed quality, stunning design, and long-lasting, we make your windows and open spaces look as elegant as a palace.

FAQ About Curtain Track / Rail System

Yes, you can put curtain track on the ceiling. It is a popular option for creating a clean and modern look in a room. To attach curtain rails to the ceiling, you will need:

  • A curtain track
  • Curtain rail brackets
  • A level
  • A drill
  • Screws
  • Wall anchors (if necessary)

  1. Measure the width of the window or opening where you want to install the curtain track.
  2. Cut the curtain track to the desired length, using a hacksaw or metal cutting shears.
  3. Mark the location of the curtain rail brackets on the ceiling, using a level.
  4. Drill pilot holes for the curtain rail brackets.
  5. Screw the curtain rail brackets into place.
  6. Slide the curtain track onto the curtain rail brackets.
  7. Hang the curtains on the curtain track.

You can hang curtains on the ceiling using a variety of methods, depending on the type of curtain track you have. Some common methods include:

  • Using curtain hooks: This is the most common method for hanging curtains on a ceiling track. Simply insert the curtain hooks into the eyelets on the bottom of the curtains, and then slide the curtains onto the track.

  • Using curtain rings: This method is similar to using curtain hooks, but it uses curtain rings instead of hooks. Curtain rings are often used with heavier curtains or curtains that need to be held back in place.

  • Using a tension rod: If you have a short ceiling track, you can use a tension rod to hold the curtains in place. Tension rods are adjustable, so you can make sure they fit snugly against the ceiling.

Any type of curtain can be hung on a ceiling track, but some types of curtains are more suited for this type of installation than others. For example, sheer curtains and light-weight curtains are ideal for ceiling tracks, as they are easy to move and will not sag. Heavier curtains and curtains with a lot of fullness may be more difficult to hang on a ceiling track, and they may also sag over time.

A curtain rail is a long, narrow piece of metal or plastic that is used to hang curtains. It is typically mounted to the wall or ceiling, and the curtains are attached to the rail with hooks or rings.

The meaning of curtain rail is the same as curtain track. They are both used to hang curtains, and they are essentially the same thing. The only difference is that the term "curtain rail" is more commonly used in the United Kingdom, while the term "curtain track" is more commonly used in the United States.

A curtain track is a type of curtain rail that is mounted to the ceiling. It is typically made of metal or plastic, and it has a series of runners or wheels that allow the curtains to slide smoothly along the track.

The difference between a curtain rod and a curtain rail is that a curtain rod is mounted to the wall, while a curtain rail is mounted to the ceiling. Curtain rods are typically made of wood or metal, while curtain rails are typically made of metal or plastic. Curtain rods are also typically thicker than curtain rails.

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